An expat life ;

          A life being an expatriate is full of adventures, challenges, fear and loneliness to overcome even though  there is always a barriers of being an expatriate, expat life can be exciting and challenging to start a new life with. it will give you an advantage and glamorous experience, especially to those who have never been traveled abroad. ‘being one of an expatriate there is always up’s and down aspect of being an expat  even though not just an expat. it is normal for us, without up’s and down people won’t grow and learned a lesson. all we  have to do is .. be strong and never give up , remind  your self why are you here? be prepared, be open-minded,  learn willingly about the languages, tradition, customs and the culture’s. becoming a part of another culture is quite unique experience. live a life and continue what you want to be either its way harder, you need to cope up with it because these is the path that we choose. even though there’s a difficulties attitude towards sexuality and religion is a big issues,  there is communication problem dealing a local people without you knowing about their language is harder to deal with. those difficulties that you’ve been encounter it will makes you a better person. expat life isn’t easy and it isn’t for everyone but even with all of those challenges , i wouldn’t change my expat experience for anything because it makes me become a stronger, believer and flexible person . 


  1. Haha! Ive only read 2 posts of yours, and I feel you’re twisting my arm. I see these difficulties, and sometimes, feel I’m up for the challenges. I really don’t have a desire to leave Canada to live, visit however is a different story. I have a small town romance type mind.. but stuck in the city! I need to get out, to grow! My Heart is in the woods. In the lakes, and mountains.. under the moon and stars.

    Sorry, not intending to hijack. I get quite inspired reading your posts.

    Keep it up! πŸ™‚

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      1. No problem. I was apprehensive about starting a blog myself. As it was supposed to be just an “online diary”. But, friends encouraged me to make it punlic. Staying.. if you reach ONE new person with your words, its better than talking to the wall πŸ˜‰ .
        Well, Im just letting you know, yours have reached me. So thank YOU.

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  2. Rheesethedynamic, Thank You so much for Your comments!
    I aspire to be a World traveler, and see ALL the places I haven’t seen!!
    I know that there are so many of the Little People, the World over…and Long to walk and talk with them about Life!!!
    God Bless You and keep You and Your Family, wherever You are!!
    With Love,
    My Friends call me ANGEL πŸ˜‡

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    1. thank you so much for your wonderful saying ms. @LindaGregory aka. Angel your one of kind po. ( po is a kind of respect in my homeland 😊) thanks a lot and God bless you too and for your family .
      Take care with love and respect ,
      rheese 😘


  3. This was so true. Life is full of challenges and that’s what makes it interesting. The best thing about your blog was your self-confidence, I have no idea if that’s a word or not. But ya I love that you truly believe in your self and are ready to speak your words

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  4. Well done ! Continue to share ur thoughts and ideas and definitely it inspires readers about ur experiences in life. This is one way of relieving the homesickness we felt away from home.kept writing! πŸ˜‰

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