Dealing with a local people ;

When you are traveling or moving in a new country there’s a feeling of being strange and loneliness all you have to do is try to cop up with it. Communicate, be friending and hanging out with them. local people is infinitely more interesting, you will learn about how people in each country do really lives their daily lives. about their jobs, salaries, interest, hopes, outlooks in life, marriage, family and children, quality of education, economics, political views, culture and beliefs. You can also find out about great places to visit and stop by. Try to have a chitchats with the people that you passing by, like roommates, co-workers, staff at the restaurant, coffee shop, souvenirs stalls, museums, galleries, street vendors, beach vendors, street performers, parks and sorts of all shops that cater to people whoever you come across during your day. You have a chance to strike up a conversation and get to know about them or some aspect of their country. Whatever it is, there are bound to be locals involved hanging out with them are not way too bad local people in every country love to hear that visitors love their country you can also able to learn few basics phrases in their own languages by interacting and communicating with them. local people really, really appreciate it when visitors can at least greet them in their own language, you will earn instant brownie points creating a connection and warm friendly feelings between you and to them. Even without a common language, just keep on smiling and be nice to everyone. You’ll be amazed at how their faces light up in surprise and happiness. Reflecting on my own experience, i can’t help but thinking how thankful i am as i meet few good people in my area so get off the beaten path and try to experience local life, do as a local life instead.


  1. I’ve traveled quite a bit and have found that there are great people in every place. Be open-minded, approach them with friendliness and you’ll get along with people in all kinds of places and from all kinds of cultural backgrounds. Love this post!

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